About us

Hamberth Higuita is a Colombian tattoo artist based in Charlotte CN with over 6  years of experience in the tattoo industry.


The allure of creating beautiful personalized and immortalized works of art for his clients became his focus.


After opening his first store without anyone’s help, he put his skills to the test, until he managed to position himself as one of the most recognized studios in the area.


The search to immerse himself and evolve as an artist has led Hamerth to participate in conventions that have managed to develop great skills. In fact, he is about to participate in one of the biggest events this summer at #miamitattooconvention


His method of blending realism, and dramatic black and gray portraiture to achieve exceptional compositions earned him the attention of many of his followers and current satisfied customers.


He is without a doubt an exceptional artist.

Bressman was born in the early 90s in Colombia, from a very young age tattoos caught his attention and he bought his first tattoo machine.

He began to be part of his adolescence with his cousins

From there everyone began to recognize him as «Cousin»

Tattooing had become so passionate for Bressman that she devoted herself entirely to her work on him and decided to follow her heart on him and move to the US and embark on an ambitious dream with Hamberth.

Bressman’s favorite tattoo styles are color and surrealism. He believes that the variety of these selected styles have helped him develop his own personal method of tattooing.